Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing here currently

So I've taken down the content related to information security, contingency planning, and the rest while I focus on work and the family. Right now I mainly use this domain for email, but that may change as time allows and priorities change.

Be safe out there -



  1. The Federal Voting Assistance Program recommends having troops as send voted ballots by "unsecure electronic means" as long as the troops volunteer...

    FVAP recommendations are in this letter dated Oct 7, 2009. See excerpts below, and note that short term FVAP oks troops sending votes unsecured online, as volunteers, and long term goal is to transmit voted ballots electronically :

    the letter itself

    It seems like this will snowball on through unless people speak out. I have a megaphone if anyone can help.

    See my new blog which has subscribers across the US and goes out 5 days a week minimum.

    Joyce McCloy 336-794-1240

  2. hi chuck..
    i just read your article in amazon regarding computer security..i really admire you for being a profesional white hat hacker.. thats my dream.
    im a fresh grad student.and in my heart i know that i want to be a white hat hacker.i just dont know where to begin..i would like to ask u for a little guide..
    of where i can begin??
    what books i should read first?
    and so on.. i want to learn things the right way..and i ask you because i dont want to waste my time looking for the right books to read..
    i have knowledge in both perl and C++.. im not sure if that would help me a lot..i dont know how to contact you thats why i post it here..i hope you can help me.i know there a lot of books out therr thats why im really confuse..i hope you can help me me

  3. Hi Chuck, sounds like you're not looking at voting machines or vote tabulation currently (2016), but you did some really excellent work previously (2004). Was hoping you'd have some updated info. Do you know about other voting examination as diligent as yours? It was after reading your work, I came to the understanding that we don't really pick our national officials anymore. Thoughts?